Kehlani – Distraction

OK, my first and last criticism of Kehlani…the girl is SO underrated it seems to hurt my heart. In fact, that wasn’t even criticism to Kehlani herself, but to everyone sleeping on her talent! Wake up Guys!

Taking her urban roots and implementing them consistently in all of her tracks gives me the impression Kehlani likes to keep it safe when writing and recording. But in her album SweetSexySavage, there are snippets where she lays off the bass and beats and simply sings quite soulfully, like the heartfelt Hold Me By The Heart.

However, I am not surprised that Kelhani and her team decided to make a visual masterpiece out of Distraction, which is so tantalizing I was certainly distracted! Busting casual moves with a very hot guy I must say…Kehlani manages to bring the new R’n’B scene, infused with the old school composition, bringing nostalgic musical memories to the forefront of my mind everytime I listen. I know that most 90’s babies who appreciate this song also appreciate that excitement of being taken back to those stress-free times. Her music visuals take a very familiar approach to Destiny Child’s Say My Name video which again adds to old-school R’n’B vibes.

I must say that giving Kehlani’s delicate and sweet singing voice, she is able to adapt her voice and pitch to various styles of music. Consider Gangsta, the deep and dirty hip-hop soundtrack to Suicide Squad, compared with her recent track Honey, a more up-beat and cheerful song. Managing to take different vocal approaches is what makes Kehlani exciting to listen to and presents me with a fluctuation of different vibes just in one song.

I think that there is still a brand to create with Kehlani as an artist, although Atlantic Records are stepping up marketing wise giving Kehlani a mini-tour, there is still an identity that I have yet to establish with her as an artist. As this may be the case in my eyes, her disposition may prove exciting and unpredictable to music fans which makes Kehlani an even more interesting artist!

Click below to watch the video!
Kehlani – Distraction

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