Amy G Discusses Touring, Pride, 2020 Projects & More

She laid a foundation, not only for West Midland hopefuls but emerging as a pop act in a tough industry. Amy G has pushed for her success as a now known singer/songwriter and continues to rise.

Having just finished her Scotland tour, I managed to capture the essence of Amy’s pleasant personality during the hectic transition between her tour schedule.

You’ve recently been represented by Universal Music Talent. Being acknowledged by a well-known roaster must feel like an achievement?

To be acknowledged by such an established label is a great feeling and I feel like my career has taken a big leap in the right direction since being in the interest of Universal. Being amongst other well-known artists only helps you to excel, as you become part of that buzz.

Originally being from the West Midlands, Amy was fully aware that opportunities wouldn’t occur very often. She began her journey in music by moving to London at the age of 18 where she attended stage school completing a degree in Musical Theatre.

In between studying, I performed every week in every venue I could. As the years passed, I saw more opportunities and bookings come my way and started meeting producers and songwriters etc. It was a slow process having to work from the bottom, but it built the blocks I needed to climb the ladder in the music industry.

‘I believe you have to be determined to go and seek opportunity, London is known for its buzz in music, there is a constant push for entertainers to move there.’

UK rap and grime artists have risen to the top over the past 5 years, Birmingham’s JayKae, Lotto Boyz and Lady Leshurr are amongst those whose songs the public seem to know all the words to. How do you feel knowing artists from the West Midlands are increasingly on the rise?

I find it inspiring to see Midlands artists in the limelight. The likes of Jay Kae and Lotto Boyz are helping close the gap between the ideology of having to be from London to be heard. Lady Leshurr is another Midlands artist most definitely established in the industry.

You recently went on a tour around the schools in the Midlands?

Yes! It was so much fun! The love I received from the students was overwhelming. The purpose of the tour was to tackle cyberbullying and educate children on the effects of being a bully and finding help if they are a victim of bullying. It was a huge success with my socials hitting milestones. I most enjoyed seeing how inspired students felt when I sang.

You recently performed at the Wolverhampton and Birmingham Pride festival; how does it feel seeing people sing your songs back to you?

Pride has such a great vibe! The audiences are in their thousands and are so welcoming. It has become a regular moment with the audience singing my music back to me, but the feeling never gets old, I will always appreciate and buzz from the experiences!

Amy with the crowd at Wolverhampton Pride

Your sold-out Blueprint EP launch was a success, were you nervous to perform knowing those people were there for you?

Selling out my debut EP launch will always be a great achievement and I never expected it to happen as it was my first official release, so it was a great surprise. You have to learn to channel your thoughts as positive as you can so instead of worrying about the audience being there just for me. I allowed that to help me feel more confident. The people in that room should already be a fan, love my music or me as an artist so that is most of the battle. This mentality helps me to create better energy backstage and on stage.

‘Rise is my most personal song. I struggled with anxiety and turned my emotions into a physical being which helped me express a journey of overcoming. It can be interpreted in many ways, which is why my fans relate to it so much.’

How do you feel you have grown as an artist over the past year?

2019 has been the year I found myself musically. I released my debut EP Blueprint in January, that helped me delve into what I wanted to create as an artist. That was a stepping stone that lead to more successful moments over the past year. I had my first record label signing and international plays in Ibiza and Zante. This year has also helped me feel comfortable in my own skin, I can only thank my fans for that.

Cover art for Amy’s successful EP Blueprint

Amy is impressively keeping on top of content creation, recently winning the Capital Xtra and I Saw It First female competition.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As an artist, I want to constantly grow in every way possible but also ensure I’m happy inside too, so I would say the vision is to be charting in the UK dance charts with an even larger fan base. Most importantly I hope to still happy with myself.

With an impressive list of favourite artists, including Becky Hill, Ariana Grande, and Ella Mai, Amy ‘s favourite go-to album is Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande.

‘My Spotify playlist is not what you would expect, I am most definitely a guilty Westlife fan!’

Can you remember the best piece of advice you were given coming into this industry

Simply to believe in me. There have been many people come and go out of my life, you must find inner strength and determination that only stems from you.

What can we see in the next year?

2020 is going to be a big year for my dance music. I’m working with a brilliant producer Thomas Graham on a four-track project that is going to be supported by many established DJ’s, clubs and promoters. My Rise remix achieved so much this year, we are looking for this project to go even further. Live performances are my first love, I’ll be looking to do my biggest show yet in 2020 and hope to see you all there!

Listen to Amy’s Rise Remix here

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