Distract TV’s Nathan Dawe Interview at MADE Festival 2018 – One Year on.

MADE Festival 2018

Last year’s MADE Festival saw the likes of Andy C, Dizzie Rascal, and Kurupt FM. Lead by Distract TV’s team, I was scheduled to interview the SoundCloud born DJ Nathan Dawe backstage of the MADE tent after his set.

Listening to Nathan previously, I was looking forward to meeting him. But not being one for the #festivallife, I was quite reluctant being in the crowd for his set. Of course, 20 minutes later, I had forgotten why I was reluctant in the first place. Nathan’s set had me in such a mess, I almost forgot I had to interview him just a few moments later.

*sings Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess*

As we scurried backstage, standing alongside Not3s preparing for his set, I found myself almost devour my water bottle having no vocals left for the actual interview! And then staggering into the back of an open lorry, I elegantly joined DJ Nathan Dawe as he pulled me up to join him from out of the pouring rain.

Nathan Dawe Interview

I’ve just come off your set and I’m a bit of a mess because I’ve enjoyed it so much!
You’ve recently signed to Atlantic Records, that’s amazing. You’re now under the likes of Cardi B and Ed Sheeran, how does that feel?

Yeah, it’s unreal, it’s really nice to actually get recognised for your hard work, and we’ve got so much to come it’s going to be sick!

I was going to ask you when your new single Cheatin is out, but with your set just now you answered my question

Yeah, the exclusive announcement, 10th August Cheatin is out. We announced it today for the first time so it’s going to be sick.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before you get on stage?

Not really, I like a bit of space, I don’t really like people around me when I’m ready to go on, I just stretch a little bit and chill out and think about what I’m going to play. I don’t ever really plan a set so 5 minutes before I go on, I’ll think about what I’m going to play. But I just keep myself to myself really and chill out and relax.

And you’ve literally just come back from Zante, what was that like?

Yeah, there are just a lot of young, drunk people making a mess of themselves every night

I love your outfit today, it’s very ‘swagga’. Have you got a certain set of clothes that you wear for shows?

Thank you very much, Adidas! Every time Adidas

Do you wear any Nike or is it just Adidas?

Never Nike, always Adidas!

OK, getting that promo in there!

Yeah, if you see me Adidas, hook me up!


And can you sum up your music in three words?

Very multi-genre. It’s very different, isn’t it? So today you would have heard me play drum and bass, house, bassline, rap, R ‘n’ B, everything.

Lastly, any plans in the next few years since you’re signed to Atlantic?

Yeah so I’ve got my single coming out on the 10th August, depending on how well that does, will decide what I’m going to do next. But just really getting into the music now, I’m going to put out stuff that I’ve generally been putting out for years since I was a kid. So, I can finally have that platform to do it, so I’m really happy.

And we are all really excited.

If you haven’t already, go and listen to Cheatin released last year, as well as the UKG Remix with Birmingham born JayKae and Bru-C. And more recently, the new single Repeat After Me, which features the Kisses For Breakfast singer Melissa Steel. After his sold-out gig at the O2 Academy Birmingham, we will be hearing a lot more from Nathan Dawe.

Follow Nathan Dawe on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and most importantly check out his Soundcloud.

Twitter @NathanDawe
Instagram @djnathandawe
Facebook Nathan Dawe
SoundCloud Nathan Dawe

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