Emerging Rapper Caal Vo on ‘Finessing Hearts’

He may only be 18 and new in the industry, but Caal Vo has an increasing fan base and it’s no wonder. Having worked on some catchy hip-hop beats, Caal Vo never underestimates his beats and makes the most of his melodies and flows.

From Virginia, Caal Vo moved out of the suburban’s after his parents split. Through the experience, Caal spent the time to determine what he wanted to do, seeming to discover a love and passion for music. Not only did he discover his love, he viewed music from a ‘different standpoint’, assessing all aspects of music in its glories and mysteries.

caal vo 2
Caal Vo on stage with Warhol.SS

Cautious of his parents reaction to his career choice, Caal Vo first began dipping his toe into the hazy waters by creating SoundCloud projects. He initially grew up to become ‘involved in the wrong crowd’, being influenced by those surrounding him so ultimately never made the grades he could have achieved. Having said that, and after realizing he wanted to become a rapper, he released his projects to the YouTube community.  In October last year, Caal released the music video for the upbeat head bopping ‘High Hoe, BYE HOE’, and since has released a number of music videos for his short but sweet bass infested beats.

At this point, he had acclaimed a strong and defined fan base who know what kind of music they were in for. Caal says that at this point in his career, he knows exactly what his fans want and has learnt to cater to them and their expectations from him lyrically and vocally.

caal vo

Caal Vo’s recent remix of Playboi Carti’s ‘They Go Off’ received unprecedented attention on YouTube and racked up over 25,000 views. His unreleased work is set to be released soon but his main focus is finishing up his project ‘Finessing Hearts’ which at the moment has no release date. From the project, it is expected to be full of smooth bass filled beats and great flows to accommodate.

The tempo of Caal Vo’s positively ostentatious arrangements and flows carry high potential in the music industry. All the 18-year-old needs is a boost from record labels to get his music more known and recognised in the hip-hop industry. He told me that coming up with lyrics aren’t so hard, they naturally come to him, but says that the hunger for success and his raw passion for the industry is what drives him to make the best of an arrangement.

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