Ray Anderson – My Ex


Underdog Season!

Since Bruno Mars has officially been crowned the king of R’n’B after last week’s Grammy awards, it’s time to look at one of the underdogs in the soulful genre. He’s already impacting radio stations in his hometown of Houston and is likely to spread further in the coming months prior his album release in April.

Ray Anderson – Singer, Songwriter, & Producer!

Ray Anderson is in the pipeline for a great 2018, emerging in a category where many like him are gaining great exposure. The single ‘My Ex’ is taken off his unreleased album ‘N.U.D.E’ due for release in April. Already available on major streaming services Spotify, iTunes, and TIDAL, his single leads the way for a movement in R’n’B trends.

The composition of My Ex has a trend of its own, sensual and heavy bass compliment well with the violin arrangement that Ray produces. As well as his deep, silky R’n’B vocals that override the pulsing vibrations, they all come together to create a great chilled tune.


A Chat with Ray

Ray Anderson, who was born in Jamaica, grew up in New York from the age of 14 and moved to Houston, Texas when he was 20. Now 24, Ray has built up a great career in music, producing his own beats and creating great melodies to go along with them. I got to have a chat with the down-to-earth and charming Ray during his promo sessions.


Much like many artists, having a musical background initially drew him towards the music business.

“While growing up in Jamaica, I had no support system and had to identify, for myself, what it was that I wanted to do. I used to perform the piano at events so that my little sister could go to school. I had to believe in myself and make it happen”

Naturally, when asked what his favourite instrument to play is, his reply was, of course, the piano.

“I love the piano, it’s a blank canvas where I can really get into my feelings. Creating my own music gives me a rush of emotions, I’m able to turn my emotions into melodies.”
It’s a great talent that the likes of Ty Dolla $ign can perform melodically, only Ray’s tranquil vocals sound a lot more endurable.

Ladies Man?

It seems Ray’s passion for music counterweights his passion for women. He says women are where he draws most of his lyrical inspiration from.

“I will try to figure a woman out so that I can make her feel like the most beautiful woman. I love to write songs that people can feel and relate to…But my writing is nothing without my beats.”

Hearing his older tracks, it’s interesting to find out who Ray’s favourite artists were and still are. From the likes of influencing rapper J.Cole, Cheif Keef, the sophisticated, soulful Ryan Leslie, to Kanye West. Ray sure has an ear for great R’n’B/Hip-Hop artists.

“These artists helped me stay true to my art through difficult times.”


What can we expect from his debut album N.U.D.E?

“When creating the album, it was an experience, but I don’t waste songs. Some artists can do 100 songs in a studio session, I do one at a time…sometimes four in a month…and sometimes none at all. It’s all based on what I’m going through at the time.”

Giving Ray’s already released singles, we can see that he puts a lot of time, effort, and emotion into his songs. The album is due for release in April and his single ‘My Ex‘ will receive video treatment, the visuals will be out on the 14th February.


Ray, you grew a passion for the music industry and it seems to be paying off. Are there any last words?

“N.U.D.E doesn’t follow any trends, is a vibe from start to finish, just wait and see.”

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Ray Anderson

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