Jorja Smith – Let Me Down ft. Stormzy: An Unrequited Love

Why is Jorja Smith the hot name slipping off everyone’s tongues?


Jorja Smith has come a long way from ‘Jorja Interlude’ and ‘Get It Together’ following her friendship with Drake in the More Life era. From her sophisticated elegance in ‘Beautiful Little Fools’ to the garage inspired ‘On My Mind’, Jorja is strolling through the R’n’B scene casting ambiguous lyrics and distinguishing urbane, chic vocals to the world.

Taking a close look at Jorja’s latest single ‘Let Me Down’ featuring Stormzy, the lyrics define a vulnerable state of mind that can occur in an unrequited love relationship. Jorja focuses on the concept of being in a heavily one-sided relationship as she haunts us with her controlled assertive harmonies.

If vocals could wound, we would be bleeding

Let Me Down teases a variety of vocal tempo and ranges with soul and an emotional perseverance that seems unpleasantly honest. The repeated piano loop and fluctuating violin chords achieve the theme of Bond music, in an interview, Jorja revealed that it is a dream of hers to write a Bond theme song, and Let Me Down fits the description quite well. With overpowering vocals, Jorja’s┬ásubtle rasps and airy high notes ooze emotive wisdom in her words. Stormzy’s raw and empathetic verse is an addition to the theme of unrequited feelings as his lyrics reveal his hopelessness in a relationship he feels he cannot commit to.

Jorja the assassin


The visuals, as well as the song, follow the subject of Bond-inspired ideas. In the video, Jorja throws on her mysterious shades and fitting trench coat to assassinate a man that she has unfortunately grown feelings for. The climactic and well-directed video consists of an unsuited affair which ends in a lifeless body, a large sum of money for Jorja, and an inconclusive plot twist!

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