Lauren Jauregui & Steve Aoki – All Night: Surprise?

Lauren Jauregui brings fresh vibes to 2018 with her mellow electronic pop track ‘All Night’. Produced by Steve Aoki, the song follows up from his previous workings with One Directions Louis Tomlinson for ‘Just Hold On’. Lauren and Steve teased us way back in February of 2017 that a collab was coming, and the official audio was released in November. We finally have a music video and the visuals are not quite what fans had expected.

lauren-jauregui-steve-aoki- all - night
Steve and Lauren cooking in the studio last year

For people who have waited as long as the song was announced, or even when it was released three months ago, there may be some disappointment.

As the song itself is quite airy and delicate in the beginning, the chorus represents all we might feel in a club when the beat drops and we suddenly bop fearlessly with the crowd. Of course, the song may not be a club anthem but the video sets the scene in a jungle-inspired club. Is Lauren just a confused animal in a forest searching for prey (a lover)? Who knows.

Things kick off when Lauren and her pals enter the club, and she catches the eye of a very, VERY handsome guy, like early 2000’s Orlando Bloom handsome…As people dance the night away, they suddenly come to a standstill where the only two people left moving are Lauren and her love interest. And as we may think ‘plot twist’ things actually spiral into cheesy feet and sweaty crotches. We find both main attractions of the show crawling on the floor in an awkward attempt to reach each other.


The conclusion to the video is either a very poor green screen attempt and an extremely low video budget, or it is purposely that cringy in order to restore a meaningful concept that isn’t quite known yet.

The feature, in essence, has Steve’s heavy beat drops and electronic hints stamped all over it. Above that is Lauren’s  deep, sultry, vocals that actually makes the context of the song believable almost as if she were experiencing the very feeling when singing it. Her alluring ad-libs carry raspy tones, a tone that she has carried throughout her career, take a listen to her feature on Halsey’s retro ‘Strangers’ where she vocalises similar tones.


Having first heard ‘All Night’ Lauren told Billboard in an interview she had made her vision clear. She decided to change the initial lyrics and add a bridge, she vocally produced the song and added to the background. It seemed that her hard work had first paid off when hearing the audio track.

Unfortunately, the video directed by Mike Harris undermines the affection and desire that the songs audio portrays, it can surely be said that it could have seen better visuals and artistic direction to portray a minimalistic concept in a great way.

Beyond the personal disappointment, what are your thoughts? Also, comment if you know the name of the guy starring in the video…It’s for research!

Click below to watch the video
Steve Aoki & Lauren Jauregui – All Night

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