Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same: Hopeless In Love.


Her Pepsi B96 Summer Bash performances exposed the bare bones of her now record-breaking hit Havana. Camila Cabello performed Havana, along with OMG and the then titled I’ll Never Be The Same, all for the first time. Since announcing that Never Be The Same will be her next single, it began climbing the UK and US charts, including Billboards Hot 100.

Performing live, the song suffice’s lustful vocals and longing expression. Camila’s urbane yet ‘hopeless in love’ use of the guitar only adds to the affectional arrangement. Her recently released music video equals the songs emotive connection. What do humans desire more in this lonely world than to be loved? Camila describes the feeling of being on the giving end of love perfectly in expressions we can all relate to, if not we can sympathise with her pining ad-libs and slender intonations.

The heavy and delayed drum beats are a nostalgic reminder of the David Bowie era, being almost rediscovered by independent artists such as The 1975. The piano/organ chords being played flicker a state of mind where all is innocent…Church. The organs being played as mourners and celebrators sit and collect their thoughts amongst the small chatter in the room.


Never Be The Same has some big names to credit in its production, Jarami who has completed projects with Frank Ocean, Noonie Bao and Sasha Yatchenko who have previously worked with Camila and have some huge hits to their name. Amongst others, the hugely praised Frank Dukes co-wrote Never Be The Same along with Camila. After previous work on Havana, it is no wonder the pair teamed together again. We have the pleasure of hearing more music from the dynamic duo on January 12th when her debut album ‘CAMILA’ is released.

The tracks composition is the works of great engineers and minds, with a vocal arrangement so ethereal it must strike a chord, and lyrics so impactful that even those who have never loved or have been loved will stand to comprehend.

Click below to watch the video
Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same

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