G-Eazy – No Limit REMIX ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly: Steaming Track!

Regardless of the endless twerking in the video, this No Limit remix is so HOT. Despite the typically derogatory hip-hop lyrics, the remix oozes animating, electrifying, and simply bad-ass beats and flows!

Breaking it down, A$AP Rocky’s opening and fairly uninspiring line burst a floodgate of hip-hop beats, grungy piano echoes, and thumping bass. Those record scratches and three beat snares already took the original song to a whole new level of fire, adding these artists with insane flows really is the icing on this six-tiered¬†cake!

A$AP did a great job of setting the bar high in terms of rhythm, which is the best part of the chorus. Not to mention the timeless voice of G-Eazy who’s voice runs on smooth and gentle tones.

On to Cardi B, who is really surging through the hip-hop scene with her fiery, quotable lyrics. Much like her feature on Migos’ MotorSport, Cardi steals the limelight with her lively on-screen image, bringing out that feisty¬†female persona in all of us when rapping along to her verse.

The verse found of least importance was sadly French Montana, although he cooked up some nice one-liners in the remix, his feature wasn’t a standout and seemed mediocre. Average lyrics and vocal flows killed the buzz of the song until we got to G-Eazy’s ‘in Miami partyin’ with Puffy’, my head slowly starts to nod in acceptance again.

Juicy J’s wakening and, listening as a woman, extremely vulgar opening line shocked yet somehow encouraged me to have confidence that Juicy J would deliver on his verse. And he did so successfully, also squeezing in a sneaky Kardashian reference.

Last but not least, the underdog Belly. After his collab with The Weeknd blew up this year, he’s released small projects that haven’t seen as much exposure. The underrated rapper came last in the No Limit Remix and decided to switch up the flow, rightly so it gave the last part to the song a fresh element. Having heard similar flows for five minutes, Belly was a nice final addition to the track.

The truth is, ‘it ain’t safe’ to listen to this song because A$AP’s part and that catchy bridge are engrained in my brain for the rest of my life.

This track is pure FIRE!

Click below to watch the video
G-Eazy – No Limit Remix

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