Big Sean & Metro Boomin – Double Or Nothing: It’s Savage Time

Raw, self-expressionist artist Big Sean reveals his latest project with the brilliant producer Metro Boomin. Having stamped his name on a few huge, wildfire tracks including Migos’ Bad and Boujee, and Post Malone’s Congratulations, Metro Boomin is high in demand for producing worldwide hits. Not the first time the two have worked together, Metro also worked with Big Sean on his hit Bounce Back which reached Number 6 on Billboard’s Hot 100 List. Truthfully speaking, Metro is responsible for surging through the charts, claiming the Number 1 spot with Bad and Boujee back in January. 2017 was undoubtedly a great year for Metro Boomin, he began the year with a bang and intends to leave 2017 with an even bigger one, there are many more bass filled hits cooking up ready to snatch those Top 10 spots in the Billboard charts.

After his much anticipated telling album, I Decided earlier this year, Big Sean joined Metro Boomin on a joint project they would later call Double Or Nothing. The album’s sound embraces hip-hop territory, including backing tracks and repeated sounds similar to those of Dr. Dre back in the 90’s. Old school beats like Been There Done That are represented slightly throughout the 10 tracks, especially the catchy Who’s Stopping Me, which ‘sounds like narcos’ as Sean voices in the song’s intro. The unexpected melodic arrangement features a brilliant and fitting sample from the Brazilian song Clarão da Lua by Nazaré Pereira which sensationally fits in with Metro’s trademark beats to express hip-hop elements.

In an interview with Metro Boomin, Big Sean stated that his favourite song on the album was Savage Time. Having listened to the track, it goes without saying the song lyrically speaks for itself, having a coherent flow and beat, the lyrics achieve in standing out in terms of relevance and significance to listeners.

Reason, featuring Swae Lee is another great production, compromising spurts of deeply intense palpitating bass which would sound captivating with a good set of headphones or speakers. The perfect track to sit back and chill to, Swae Lee’s soft voice goes nicely with the delicate bridge, and Big Sean’s harmonies on the chorus differentiate the track regarding vocal experimenting.

Then there is the simple, yet unforgettable beat So Good, featuring Kash Doll. The beat has a similar sound to the likes of YG and can instantly be liked with its tuneful rhythm.

Sounding quite different to his I Decided album, which included a variety of instrumental elements, Double Or Nothing is great for beats and bass lovers. This project featuring Metro Boomin has tapped into Big Sean’s full-on hip-hop identity, while the production focuses heavily on the bassline, Big Sean is persistent in his distinct voice.

Sean uncovers his philosophies and ideological state of mind through his lyrics, he has given and continues to give clear clarification that he has an ambitious drive and focus to succeed in the industry, Much like P.Diddy in his songs, Big Sean states his work and efforts and is consistent in expressing his life values, morals and work ethics through his tracks.

Click below to listen on Spotify
Big Sean & Metro Boomin – Double Or Nothing

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