Charli XCX – POP 2 Is Coming! Musical Innovation Is Here

Charli XCX is thankfully back after her short break, following the awesome mixtape Number 1 Angel that she released in the spring of this year. The mixtape included the likes of artists and songwriters who have worked on the biggest songs of the last decade. They include Starrah, Raye, Sasha Sloan, Sophie, CupcakKe, and Noonie Bao.

Back with her new single Out Of My Head, Charli XCX and her crew of pop genius’, which I’m eager to be a part of, created the bop on the backhand of new artist ALMA’s album. Charli said that she became obsessed with the song and asked ALMA if it could be incorporated into her next project POP 2. After getting approval, Charli immediately called Tove Lo and got her to be a part of the future hit.

The Number 1 Agel mixtape didn’t do too well on the UK charts and only reached 175 in the US Billboard charts earlier this year, but with a compilation of electro-pop, hip-hop snares, R’n’B vocals, and an ability to express meaningful lyrical content in a telling manner gave me a taste of the past and left me with hints of what music used to sound like. Having come away from the mixtape, I thoroughly enjoyed my state of mind and the impression Number 1 Angel had left me with, no disappointment.

What I find itchingly intriguing about Charli XCX as an artist and songwriter, is her ability to break through pop barriers and still reach high in the charts. Having distinct melodic features, Charli’s Avant pop style is something that she is consistent with and fully commits to, where she pulls it off with flying colours. Charli completely epitomizes the revelations of songwriting and creating distinct, unique, but catchy sounds which I feel only she could pull off.

Not so much with Boys, but Charli’s records in the past, have a great way of not repeating melodic structures. Charli and her whole production team have a talent for forming separate sound arrangments and blending them nicely to form an adhesive composition. I assume that their studio time consists of experimental ecstasy and innovative bops just pouring out beneath the cracks of the doors.

Having realised the lyrical and vocal talent of this inventive artist, obsessed comes into mind. Out Of My Head, if the track were a piece of art, would be described as a glittery, sparkly, fun, alcohol infested, unicorn land. Why? Because Charli XCX’s music seems to have that effect on me. The catchy tune features ALMA and Tove Lo and is a look into Charli’s new project POP 2 which is due for release very soon, and I cannot wait!

Click below to listen to the audio
Charli XCX – Out Of My Head ft. ALMA & Tove Lo

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