J.Balvin & Anitta – Downtown: Steamy, Sultry &…SKY

J.Balvin has recently teamed up with Brazilian hottie Anitta, not for the first time either. The pair teamed up last year and created the remix to J.Balvin’s initial track Ginza, released as part of his Energía album. The Latin duo has teased a collab for their brand new single for some time now, and a few weeks ago released the much-anticipated visuals. What I am talking about is the sultry and sexy Downtown, and that’s without the visuals!

Composed by the immensely talented Sky Rompiendo, Downtown is sure to be a massive record and is already racking up millions of views by the day. Sky has worked with J.Balvin on many projects including Ginza featuring Anitta, and one of my all-time favourite J.Balvin tracks Safari, which features BIA and another immense talent Pharrell! The dream team collaborated last year on Safari, which has a similar tone to Downtown, needless to say, anything with Sky’s name on is a winner for people with even the most conscientious musical taste.

I chose to write about this song in particular, not only because it features the work of musical prodigies, but I also find the use of percussion undertones interesting and fascinating. What sounds like a Kalimba being used throughout the track creates an element of delay, I seem to ponder on the percussion notes as they slowly force their way through the composition. One thing I must point out, as a person with a small ounce of OCD when it comes to music, is that this bothers me a little. Having said that, I enjoy the fresh sound of new percussions that aren’t necessarily heard too often on popular songs. And the fact that the sound actually reminds me of a jewellery box that opens with a dancing ballerina, seems ironic as the song is far from the innocent associations that we would normally carry with that sound.

As we hit the song’s chorus, we hit it with a good old head bop and full appreciation for the anticipated bass drop that carries us to the next verse. The sultry composition means that, for those of us who can dance, can get down and take full advantage of the Latin beat. And for those who aren’t so good in that department, much like myself, can try to awkwardly wine it out.

The visuals that dropped give off nostalgic vibes, for anyone who has watched Ocean’s Eleven trilogy might get those vibes too. A slick, sexy, hustle takes place where J.Balvin and Anitta act out together to hustle their way into a lot of money. And I must say, the direction of the video seems very steamy in some aspects, certainly where Anitta is concerned, she kills the direction and choreography. Go girl!

This Latin duo always brings the fire and reggaeton vibes and both artists stand for a difference in the Latin Pop/R’n’B scene. Always changing their sound and image is risky in the music business but considering their joint anticipation when releasing this project, proves their long-standing relevance and longevity in the music industry. Artists are likely to come and go in every industry, and the Latin music scene is so huge, but I have a good feeling that J.Balvin and Anitta are examples of concrete setting stones in the industry and for big artists to come in the future.

Click below to watch the video
Anitta & J.Balvin – Downtown

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