Stephanie Jeannot – We Are People United

The new album from Stephanie Jeannot takes a fortunate turn from her previous album Finally Jnote which contained a subtly mellow R’n’B sound. Her album We Are People United has a fresh, electronic R’n’B sound which still features mellow hints but when I listened, I found the instrumentals purely vibrant and fresh.  I also heard some rock vibes in some songs and found myself chanting ‘Yes Stephanie!’ thoroughly enjoying her new arrangements.

Listening to each track is a treat with a good set of headphones, hearing Stephanie’s silky smooth vocals flow nicely with the rhythmic instruments, in particular, the track Harmony. Each melody contributes and adds effect to the compositions, leaving no room for irrelevant noise. I especially thrive the sound of new R’n’B/soul elements fused in with old elements to create a new, funky sound which I find to be quite rare in the established industry. There are some tracks I couldn’t help bop my head to such as Magic.

On a final note, I adore Stephanie’s feel good and very uplifting album, her charismatic melodies shine through each track with such clarity and class. What is also great with this album is that each track is very different in terms of sound, but Stephanie stays true to her voice and acts as her trademark within the album which can be hard for artists to keep up with under different sounds. My favourite song off the album? The true statement of unity People United.

Click below to listen to the album
Stephanie Jeannot – We Are People United

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