iLoveMakonnen – “Love” ft. Rae Sremmurd: I Drink Now, I’m Such a Loner.

I love the new comeback from iLoveMakonnen with the single “Love” featuring Rae Sremmurd. Too many loves for one sentence, but there’s certainly not enough love for this song! This switch up from his hit song Tuesday featuring Drake takes a different turn from the usual composition of any R’n’B/ Hip-Hop track and I give props to iLoveMakonnen and Mike WiLL Made-It, who produced the song, for taking a risk and taking melodies and beats that are out of the established box.

I may not be a fan of the autotuned voice that iLoveMakonnen adopts, but I somehow hear his raw, soothing vocals through it. It took me a while to get to grips with the song in actual fact. When I first heard “Love” my initial thought was ‘What the f*ck is this shit?’ But I gave the song a second listen, as I do because my first listen is always clouded by first impressions and primary reactions. As I did this, I began hearing a soft, warm drum rhythm performed by none other than Travis Barker! And I found myself nodding along. Then came in Rae’s harmonic melodies that balanced against Makonnen’s chorus, accompanied by the Tamborine and an array of snappy electronic guitar chords that gave the song a minimal rock twang.

Furthermore, when I got a chance to watch the video after getting to grips with the song, I quite enjoyed the movie-like cinematic fading in and out of shots while Makonnen walks broken-heartedly down the banks of the beach. I felt somewhat de-stressed, laid back watching his yearning love fall apart all because of some Future wannabe. I almost felt sorry for him in the video, if it wasn’t for his eager attempt at feeling awfully sorry for himself. When we reach Rae Sremmurd’s part, it brings a little light-hearted comedy to match the uplifting beat of the track. Needless to say, the video gives off a content, cheerful vibe compared to simply listening to the song itself which for me, gives off a different sort of vibe.

I sense a new sound completely from iLoveMakonnen, compared to his previous albums singed with OVO back in 2015/16. Late last year saw Makonnen leave the label for reasons unknown other than it was in his best interest to move to the larger, more well known Warner Bros Records. With that, came his statement on Twitter, announcing that he was gay, which gained him immense support from fans and fellow artists, although, in an interview with Migos for the Rolling Stones, they didn’t seem very supportive of his choice. They were hesitant when mentioning the news, saying something along the lines that giving Makonnen’s lyrics and status in the hip-hop world, it wasn’t a wise idea.

Overall, although not being a fan of the autotuned vocals, I find this song gives me a warm feeling where I can listen to it whenever I’m sad to cheer me up. I think that the Rae Sremmurd addition was the right choice for this sort of composition, also earning their success with Beatles earlier this year. I am really looking forward to a fresh sound from Makonnen giving his label switch up, and adding one last thing… I really hate that Future wannabe!

Click below to watch the video
iLoveMakonnen – “Love” ft. Rae Sremmurd

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