Fifth Harmony – Angel: To Retract My Hopes.

This was a track produced by Skrillex and Poobear and features on Fifth Harmony’s third studio album Fifth Harmony.

The song Angel isn’t a single but poses a fresh image for the recent foursome, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke Hernandez. They’ve given us a fresh sound and a fresh image compared to their previous studio albums Reflection and 7/27 which adapted more of a standard pop sound. I think this track stands out amongst others on their self-titled album, where there is not much of a reinvention in terms of sound, and the album itself lacks innovation and stepping out of their comfort zones. Although, Fifth Harmony have repeatedly stated that they have had much more of an input on this album than before where their shitty record label controlled all of their operations. Considering being part of such a large roaster record label, it is predicted that marketing would be an important factor for the group to stay relevant, but surprisingly Epic and Syco have failed to increase sales figures.

But, less of the record label and its antics as that needs a whole book of itself. Let’s move onto the sound. When I first heard Angel, I was mesmerized by the visuals and murky sound that led me to believe wholeheartedly that this was a new era for the girls and that their personal beliefs were finally being incorporated into their music. I thought ‘less of all the sex talk’, but when He Like That came out as a SINGLE, I shook my head in disbelief. Having listened to their album, there are songs much more worthy of becoming singles in terms of lyrical meaning, for example, the personal Don’t Say You Love Me (which will have its own blog post very soon), many believe it is aimed at former band member Camila Cabello. Also, the relevant Bridges which is a feel-good mellow sound regarding politics. Amongst other single-worthy tracks such as Lonely Night and Messy. 

Much like the album, I felt that this song was missing a lot of vocal action, there is certainly potential and many opportunities for lengthy and powerful ad-libs that could have been an integral turning point for Angel and other tracks. If we take a listen to Work From Home, for example, we hit a vital and climactic moment in the record-breaking single where impressive ad-libs by Camila are delivered near the end, an example of seizing the composition and making the most of the track. Rather, I have reached a point listening to the album Fifth Harmony where I find the vocals a little tedious, as there are many anti-climax moments.

Getting back to the track! I personally enjoy Lauren and Dinah’s voices amongst the group. And it is no surprise they were my favourite solos of the song. I think that Angel, in particular, suits their voices against the harsh beats and yo-yo like bass. Turn those speakers right up, or headphones, whatever you’re listening to the song on. We feel a throbbing bass sound, hip-hop style snares, and electronic high pitched backing vocals which entrance me into thinking I’m some sort of a bad bitch. As opposed to other songs, I feel that all my drum, bass and treble needs have been met in under four minutes.

The visuals take place in some gloomy setting, looking like a VHS recording, making the video aesthetically pleasing and not to mention the outfits, make-up and hair that seem to glimmer. The attention to detail debuts the feisty, attitude-filled personalities of the four girls. The video is rich in dramatic stares and actions, not a far leap from their 2017 VMA performance, which included that controversial stunt which is being argued as being very shady, or simply a distasteful PR stunt. Another mishap on behalf of their record label…

However, I thoroughly enjoyed Fifth Harmony’s three minutes and 22 seconds of almost no sexual content. Although their new single He Like That proved me wrong as they reverted to their typical money making system. Does this sort of context not get boring? Angel is hands down my second favourite track from the album after Don’t Say You Love Me.

Click below to watch the video
Fifth Harmony – Angel

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