Post Malone – I Fall Apart: Devil in the Form of a…

When Post Malone released this album last year, I faintly listened while trying to take a nap, only to be enlightened and fully awoke by a set of delicately fading piano chords. So I sat up on my bed and began browsing my emails while slowly bopping my head.

BUT , just as I was about to meet reality and drag myself out of bed, the song reached 57 seconds… I suddenly found myself immersed fully in a song as if I was in a trance. I instantly opened my Spotify app to find out what the song was, and from there I have listened to the iconic I Fall Apart every single day.

I feel that having listened to this song, I have a duty to express the great work of Post Malone. The song I Fall Apart was selected as a track on Malone’s debut album Stoney which was released December 2016 and has since made its impact on the US charts. The song is surprisingly gaining popularity almost a year after its release due to a performance of the song which went viral when posted on Twitter.

I knew that when I began this blog, the song had to be on my list of songs to write about!

This song is one that I would feel honoured sitting front row at a concert watching Post Malone perform. I can only imagine the pleasure I would feel being able to see first-hand the deliverance of the song, inhaling every emotion and effortless carefulness that makes up the performance would lift me off my feet.

Each component of the track adds an element of raw passion and emotion, predominantly Malone’s powerfully intense and at times trembling vocals, which are far from a strain of forced emotion. And when that beat drops on the chorus? It can be said that I most definitely sink into myself! Escapism can be used to an extent when listening to the track, as it is in some way a breezy composition, it can be listened to while relaxing but can be hard-hitting at the same time.

Giving his potentially versatile voice, this track, unfortunately, does not take full advantage of the phonetic expressions as there is very to little no ad-libs incorporated. The song has many opportunities for passionate ad-libs and added vocal assertions.

Nevertheless, this rhythmic catchy tune has or will play with our feelings at some point. The smokey sound and fading instruments (mostly piano, guitar & ukelele) give us a feeling of floating into space, while the muffled bass creates a hip-hop ensemble that is compelling to listen to.

Click below to listen
Post Malone – I Fall Apart

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  1. Hi Sharna: I found your name on the Linkedin group Songwriters and Singer/Songwriters. I am a non-performing songwriter and a voting member of the Grammys. Billboard sends a review issue every year in advance of the balloting so that’s where I first saw Post Malone’s name. I notice that you focus on the music arrangement and not much on the song. My songs, in various genres including the ones you like, are on if you ever care to listen. The tracks are demos, studio quality, but not intended to be only one possible arrangement. As for the UK, I’m a fan of Flyte who just released their first album.


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